What You Allow Is What Will Continue

Ever been irritated with the way things are?

Of course.

All I have to do is say the words “Presidential election” and a fury of flaming opinions and comments will come my way. And they burn fast. High and bright. 

But when we talk about change we usually avoid the kind that we can actually influence on a daily basis. Heck, a second-by-second basis.

That kind of change has to do with ourselves.

With topics like this year’s election, we want to point to other people or organizations as responsible parties for change. 

“We should vote for [INSERT NAME HERE] because they will do X, Y, Z!”

or my favorite...

“Vote for [INSERT NAME HERE] so that the other party doesn’t win! It’ll be the end of America as we know it if we don’t!”

Forgive me if that sounds melodramatic. But it is. And it’s a common argument. 

Now, I really don’t want to talk politics today (or hardly ever, actually)...I’m merely using it as an example to point out the common attitudes we carry.

When we think about change, we normally want other people to change.

We rarely point the finger at ourselves and ask, “How can I change?”

Change is hard, people. REAL hard. I know that...you know that...we all know that. 

But it’s not impossible.

Here’s a phrase I try to live by:

What you allow is what will continue.

If there’s something you don’t like in your own life, then make steps to change. Because whatever you allow is what will continue.

Maybe you have kids and you're not a fan of the public school system. You don’t have to merely accept that as the only option. There’s homeschooling, Montessori schools, private schools, charter schools...the list goes on. (You might be limited where you live, I understand...but you can continue to search for other alternatives.)

Or maybe you have a tendency to stay up late and you’d really like to be a morning person. It is completely in your power and ability to make that change (difficult, but still possible).

What you allow is what will continue. 

Maybe you want to read more books but you can’t stop binge-watching Stranger Things on Netflix. (My wife and I just watched that series...and I can empathize with you if that’s you. That show is incredible!)

What you allow is what will continue.

What I’m trying to do here is show you that YOU have the power to enact change in your life.

Stop making excuses.

Stop pointing the finger.

Stop shifting blame.

Take responsibility for your life. Don’t let others run your life for you. Don’t let others make decisions for you. Don’t let politicians influence your decisions for you.

You are your own person. Act like it. Think like it.

Change like it.

Derek HarveyComment