Why Moving is Awful (and Awesome)


One of the top stressors in life.

And we've moved a total of 8 times in the last 7 years.

I don't know if it's because we enjoy change or just like to punish ourselves. 

It could be because we don't like our neighbors? Question mark? Nah, that can't be it. We don't stay anywhere long enough to actually get to know our neighbors. (True story.)

We're not in the military and we've only lived in 2 cities (so far). 

So why the heck do we move so much?!?

We're literally one day away from taking a moving truck from Colorado Springs to Portland, OR. It's beautiful out there and my wife's family is all out there. We've got a two-year-old and a bun in the oven, so being closer to family would be nice for the next few years. 

There are other reasons we're moving to Portland, but today I want to share with you what I've learned while moving a gazillion times. 

1. We have too much stuff.

Seriously?!? I don't get it. Even after moving 8 times in under a decade, we still accumulate stuff like it's going out of style...and it's definitely going out of style. Can you imagine if we had stayed in one place all those years? Actually, you probably can because that's probably you.

What is it about buying stuff that's so addictive? It's like a false high that lasts for maybe a week, then we want something new again. It's a sickness really. And I hate it. 

2. We don't have enough stuff.

And yet, in the midst of thinking we have too much stuff, we find a way to see all the stuff we don't have. You know, those boots, those chairs, that appliance, those clothes, that rug, that toy...and on and on it goes. 

Which leads me to the crazy realization that...

3. We still want more stuff!

Even after all the moving and all the dumping and all the trashing and all the donating over the last 7 years, we still say, "Ya, but I really want that new kettle..." (It's true...there's this sweet kettle I'd like to buy...)

It's madness! What amount of stuff is satisfying? Is there a secret formula? How does one find the sweet spot between having way too much and way too little? When do we have enough?

And that's also why I think moving is awesome.

When you're forced to take everything you own out of every cabinet, drawer and shelf...you have to ask yourself, "Is this worth putting in a box and moving it to another house?" 

If you pause and really think about the stuff you have, you'll begin to realize that most of it could disappear and you wouldn't even notice. 

So we get rid of stuff. Every. Time. We move. And I absolutely love it.

I feel lighter. Relieved. Empowered.

I feel in control. 

Question: Why do you think moving is awesome or awful? Leave a comment below!

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