Family Means Something


Perfectly imperfect

We can’t live with them, and we can’t live without them.

They’re the best, and sometimes can be the worst.

But they are family. And that means something.

It means that, no matter what, we’re going to love each other...through thick and the VERY thin. 

It means that, no matter what we create as creatives, we cheer each other on...even if it’s terrible. (But hopefully you’re the type of family member who will pull them aside later and “help” them see where they can improve.)

It means that, when we have crazy ideas that just might be from God, we encourage and ask questions to help point each other in the right direction.


It means that we’re simply there for each other.


You may not feel like you have a very good family. Or maybe your marriage is in the roughest place it’s ever been in. 

But at the end of our lives, it's been discovered that many of the things we regret revolve around relationships.

At the end of their lives, men are asked what they regretted...and almost all of them said they wished they hadn't worked so hard.

So.... go  -  do  -  excel.

But remember, it’s all meaningless unless we have people to share our lives with. 

Because through the thick and the VERY thin, we all need family to come alongside and support us. 

My hope for you today is that you’d stop and ask yourself: 

“Who in my family can I love on and support today?”

If you've done (or will do) something special for someone you love, let me know in the comments!