Failure Doesn't Get the Last Word


It hurts so bad
but you can’t say that
better buck up pal
get with it.


It stings my eyes
my thoughts are lies
it’s my demise
I cry.


It’s running rampant
destroying families
condemning hearts
and minds.

But failure...

Can also unite
the diversity of tribes
by refuting the lies
it dies.


Never a means to an end
and more often the beginning of something greater.

Don’t look up at your failure as if knocked out by a boxer
down for the count unable to recover.
Look DOWN at your failure like the launchpad you made it
propelling you to greater heights as an overcomer.


The temporary realization that I am only human
and the afterthought that I am NOT only human,
I am also human.

You see...

I was made for greatness
and you can’t take this
revelation that made this
realization the truth.

My greatness supersedes
any failure that succeeds
in making me believe
that I am nothing.

I am something.

Something you’ve never seen before
Something you’re not ready for
Something exquisite and powerful
Something changing the world.

You can’t stop this or make me backtrack
or lack
the willpower to press on
over the fact
that my failure is not yours and your failure is not mine.

Yet they are one and the same.

Though meant to tear us down
while we thrash around on the ground
the victory bell resounds
and it thinks it has won.

But it only wins if you let it.

Your mind is more powerful
than the design or plan
from the darkness that seems to overtake you
it’s TRUE.

You were designed
with greatness in mind
so now it’s time
to walk in the truth.

The truth that failure is a tool
used to mock you as a fool
no matter how cruel
but the only power it has is what you give it.

You decide.

So decide
to turn your thoughts into words
and your words into action
and let action replace reaction.

Let your thoughts, words and actions
give you deep satisfaction
while relaxin’ in the fact that
light conquers darkness.

So let your light shine on
even before the dawn appears
pressing on and running over
the failure that’s had you entangled
and strangled your belief.

You are worthy.
Failure doesn’t win.
Love does...if you let it.