This is it. I’m doing it. I’m committing. 

You see, for a long time now, I’ve had the urge to write. 

But...write about what?

I could never fully answer that question, so I never started. I procrastinated, talking about “someday.” Well, someday has come. It’s today.

Before today I would never call myself a writer. But that’s what I am. One of the many things I am.

My wife and I just went through Donald Miller’s “Creating Your Life Plan” course, and it’s really helped clarify a lot of things for us. It’s given us a redemptive look on our past, an honest assessment at our present, and a hopeful outlook on our future. 

One of the modules in that course was about defining the top 5 most important roles that you play...or at least the top 5 roles you want to focus on this year. As I thought about the roles that make up who I am, the first three were easy: follower of Jesus, Husband, and Father. 

But what about the other two?

Writer came to mind again. 

“Am I really a writer?” I thought to myself. My insecurities screamed back, “Of COURSE you’re not a writer! Who do you think you are? Ernest Hemingway? John Maxwell? You’re not a writer...don’t even go there...”

But I couldn’t shake it. I KNEW I was a writer, but I was afraid to admit to myself. I didn’t want the commitment and accountability of having to actually write.

How crazy is that?!?

I think that’s why we like to shy away from identifying our roles. We don’t want the commitment or accountability. We don’t want the possibility of failing and not living up to our promises. So, we just don’t commit.

And we go on being unfulfilled...not tapping in to our God-given potential. 

I for one am tired of that.

So, I’ve committed to a couple of things:

1. I’ve committed to calling myself a writer. Unashamedly. I am a writer. And writers, write. Therefore, I will write.

2. I’ve committed to a 31-day writing challenge! I will be writing at least 500 words every day for the next 31 days, then posting it on my blog. I won’t be promoting these posts on social media or anything...at least, I don’t think I will. But the accountability of actually posting every day is there for me. It’s quite helpful. A helpful pressure.


This all is inspired by Mr. Jeff Goins. You should go check out his website...very inspirational stuff.

So my fourth role I defined and decided to commit to this year is writer. I am a writer.

I’ve gone through bouts of writing: I once committed to writing every day...it lasted 2 weeks. I’ve also written songs. (side note: sometime this year I’m going to be recording my own EP of my own music...one of my seven goals this year. Maybe you’ll get to hear it sometime.) But this is the year I actually practice making it a habit.

My wife is holding me accountable. My blog is holding me accountable. And anyone following this blog, is holding me accountable. I am excited and expectant for what awaits at the end of these 31 days.

Thanks for reading. :)

Leave a comment below letting me know what you’re committing to this year. How can I help you accomplish those goals?