about derek


I’m a husband, father, writer, and leader who is passionate about bridging the gap between our life and our dreams. I want to inspire you and give you hope for your future. I'm also a wanna-be health enthusiast from Texas who enjoys writing, hipster (re: good) coffee, and spewing positivity. Good design is my jam and highly influences my purchasing decisions. I spend copious amounts of time searching for the “perfect” movie on Netflix but end up watching nothing instead.

I'm passionate about creating better stories and experiences for people. My desire with this blog is to help you put your dreams to flight. That may be starting a side-hustle, but it could be that you just need some help with a “hard-to-love” coworker. I’m here to help you with either of those things…and everything in between. 


We’ve moved a ton over the last 10 years, but I currently reside in Portland, OR with my wife, Tessa J., our 4-year-old daughter, Journey Mae, newborn baby, Wilde Hope, and goldendoodle dog, Everest.

We've also launched a lifestyle blog together. We offer tips on simple living with a family, great healthy recipes, and other applicable topics on family, faith, and fun (it had to start with an ‘f’!) 

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