about derek


Derek is a husband, father, writer and leader who is passionate about bridging the gap between our life and simplicity. Giving people tools to overcome some of life greatest obstacles. He want’s to inspire you and give you hope. He’s also a wanna-be health enthusiast from Texas who enjoys writing, hipster coffee, and spewing positivity. He loves good design and is a sucker for good marketing that often get’s him to buy it because it’s esthetically pleasing. 

Derek is passionate about creating better stories and experiences for people. His desire with this blog is he wants to help put your dreams to flight. This site exists for those that might call themselves leaders and have a desire to make life better Derek’s goal is to come alongside you and equip you with tools, tips and tricks to make you a better leader.


After many years of moving Derek and his wife, Tessa J. currently live in Portland, OR with their 3 year old daughter, Journey Mae and goldendoodle dog, Everest. 

Recently, Derek and Tessa launched a lifestyle blog together. They offer great healthy recipes, tips on simple living with a family and many more great topics.